The Weber Family Q3100N+ NG Black is your passport to culinary excellence in the comfort of your backyard. With its expansive cooking area, this grill is tailor-made for crafting delectable family feasts that will leave everyone craving for more. Featuring the innovative + burner, the Weber Family Q+ unlocks a world of culinary possibilities. Whether you're inclined to cook your dishes low and slow or sear them to perfection at high heat, this barbecue handles it all with finesse. The Weber Family Q+ comes complete with a fixed premium cart, making it the focal point of your outdoor space. Its generous cooking area can accommodate up to 15 burgers, making it ideal for hosting gatherings and celebrations. The high-domed lid ensures ample roasting capacity, and the front-facing control dials provide effortless control over your grilling experience. Elevate your outdoor cooking game with the Weber Family Q3100N+ NG Black. Its exceptional features and striking design transform your backyard into a culinary haven.

Easy to Control

The front-facing control dial on this barbecue allows you to effortlessly adjust settings. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use, making changing temperatures a breeze.

High Domed Lid

The barbecue's high domed lid offers a substantial roasting capacity. This feature ensures even cooking and perfect roasting results, making it great for family gatherings.

Large Cooking Area

The expansive cooking area of this grill is perfectly suited for large gatherings, capable of grilling up to 15 burgers at once. This feature ensures you can cater to a crowd effortlessly.

BBQ Cart

The included cart is not only sleek in design but also highly functional, enhancing the barbecue's usability and mobility. Its smart construction offers stability and convenience.

Model Number 29717024
Fuel Type Natural Gas
Weight (kg) 47 kg
Depth (mm) 860 mm
Height (mm) 650 mm
Width (mm) 570 mm
Castors Yes.
Finish Colour Black
BBQ Type Freestanding BBQ


Manufacturer Warranty Limited 5 Year Warranty
Use Not intended or designed for commercial use.

Other Features

  • Sleek and functional cart included.
  • Large cooking area can grill up to 15 burgers at one time.
  • High domed lid for large roasting capacity.
  • Front-facing control dials make adjusting barbecue settings simple.

Country of Origin

Origin China

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