The Weber Q2000N LP Red barbecue is a perfect blend of size and portability. This grill is versatile enough to handle your everyday cooking needs, yet compact and convenient for those impromptu park barbecues with friends. Whether you're grilling at home or taking it on a weekend adventure, the Weber Q2000N delivers a wide temperature range, ensuring that you can bake, roast, and grill with that authentic barbecue flavour you love. The large cooking area can accommodate up to 12 burgers at once, making it perfect for gatherings. The high-domed lid provides ample roasting capacity, and the front-facing grease tray simplifies cleanup. With its user-friendly front-facing control dial, adjusting barbecue settings is a breeze. The Weber Q2000N LP Red is the ideal companion for those who appreciate the freedom to grill both at home and on the go. Its winning combination of size, performance, and versatility ensures that you'll always have the power to create exceptional outdoor meals, no matter where your culinary adventures take you.

Easy to Control

The front-facing control dial on this barbecue allows you to effortlessly adjust settings. Its intuitive design ensures ease of use, making changing temperatures a breeze.

High Domed Lid

The barbecue's high domed lid offers a substantial roasting capacity. This feature ensures even cooking and perfect roasting results, making it great for family gatherings.

Front-facing Grease Tray

The front-facing grease tray is designed for easy access, simplifying the cleaning process. Its convenient placement makes cleanup a breeze and maintains a tidy cooking environment.

Wide Temperature Range

This barbecue boasts a wide temperature range, allowing for versatile cooking methods. Whether you're baking, roasting, or grilling, it delivers great barbecue flavour.

Model Number 3400043
Fuel Type LPG
Weight (kg) 23.02 kg
Depth (mm) 800 mm
Height (mm) 420 mm
Width (mm) 480 mm
Finish Colour Red
BBQ Type Freestanding BBQ


Manufacturer Warranty Limited 5 Year Warranty
Use Not intended or designed for commercial use.

Other Features

  • Large cooking area can grill up to 12 burgers at one time.
  • High domed lid for large roasting capacity.
  • Front-facing grease tray to help make cleaning easy.
  • Front-facing control dial makes adjusting barbecue settings simple.

Country of Origin

Origin China


Barbeque Categories Freestanding
Built In
Colour Red
EAN 0077924989674

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